Golf Rules – History & Information


Golf Rules – History & Information

Golf Rules – History & Information Golf is a sport that can be both individuals and played in teams, aiming to put the ball inside all holes using a club.

Golf Rules - History & Information


History of Golf

Golf Rules – History & Information As to its origin and from which game or sport it originated there is a lot of uncertainty and many people defend different theories and all of them with valid elements.

Golf Rules - History & Information


There are several ways to play the rules and way of winning the game, the following two being the most used:

1. Stroke Play: Win the game that makes the least total number of shots to complete. the entire course through the holes

2. Match Play: In this variant, each hole is counted as if it were a phase. For example, if in the first hole, you need 2 shots to get into the hole and your opponent has used 4 shots, you have gained a point. Always like this until the holes run out


Pairs are reference values that indicate the statistics that a reasonable player must achieve.

Country Pairs: The total sum of the pairs of all holes gives the final result of the field pair. If the result is 80 pair and you do 81 shots, you ended “one above par”, if 79 was “one under par” and always so.

Hole Pairs: It is the average number of strokes a player needs to get the ball into the hole. This value varies according to the distance between the tee and the hole, which can vary between 200 and 500 meters. Fairway.



As you might imagine, without tacos you cannot play, they are fundamental to your game. They can be made of wood, irons and putters.

Putters come in a variety of shapes and weights, with each player usually having their preferred type of putter. Which is gained by continuing to play.


These if they are light can be taken to the back. Or if you prefer you can use a trolley to carry them and so do not have to carry them.

This can all be done by the caddy, who is like his assistant, carrying things by himself or carrying. Which you can talk about the field and plays or the club to choose.

The player can not walk with his bat in his hand between holes. A linksman sometimes takes between twelve and fourteen golf clubs in his bag


The golf ball is usually white and has about 300 to 400. Spherical holes in it, thus helping in its aerodynamics.

The established regulations say that Golf Rules – History & Information the diameter of the ball can not be less than 42,67 mm. Its weight greater than 45,93 grams.

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