Table Tennis Rules – History & Information

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Rules – History & Information

Table Tennis Rules – History & Information,Table tennis is the quickest ball sport on the planet. In which the ball reaches at an incredible speed. Especially because of the ability to implement considerable rotation.

Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

Nowadays, it is such a game. In which Asians are well dominated with special emphasis on Chinese.

Table Tennis History

he history of table game began in European nation within the nineteenth century. It is a way to play tennis in an enclosed space. Initially books were used as a swing and used to hit the ball or cover with one hand.

With the increasing popularity of this activity, a toy company got the idea. Developed wooden rackets to play. They used to make a lot of noise and hence the name “Ping Pong”.

Later J. An English company named Jacques registered the brand. Other manufacturers started calling table tennis from there.
Over time, the equipment has changed and the popularity of the game has been increasing worldwide.

It is currently estimated that at least 300 million people play ping pong in an entertaining form. Since 1988, table tennis is an Olympic sport, held in Seoul.

Rules of Table Tennis

– Table tennis is played more than the pre-approved number of games. Already 11 points are won in each game.

– The flip of a coin or another type of part drawing figures out which of the players will serve first.

– Each table tennis player works twice in turn. Should be made with an open palm, the ball is thrown six inches. So it bounces on the service side, cleans the net, then bounces towards the receiver.

– The points are described above and the game should be won with two clear points. At 10-10, each player works only once. In turn, until a player has established a two-point lead and wins the game.

– Players rotate both ends of the table after each game. From where they play and who serves the ball and gets it first.
– within the deciding game of a match the players swap ends once either player reaches 5 points.



Table tennis rackets can be of various sizes, shapes and weights. However, they should be made from 85% natural wood. Fiberglass materials to racket blades. Such as carbon fiber, can be reinforced with a layer of adhesive mixed with glass fiber or paperboard.

Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

The thickness of each of these blades cannot exceed 7,5% of the total thickness or 0,35 millimeters. In which the lowest price prevails.

Colors on each side should be bright red and black, even if one side does not have a rubber coating.


The ball used in ping pong or table tennis is made of celluloid or similar plastic. Which weighs about 2,74 grams and diameter is 40 mm.

Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

Interesting fact: 2000 balls were around 40mm before 38, which were replaced by XNUMXmm at the Sydney Olympic Games. The purpose of which was to increase the resistance to air and speed up the game. So that viewers can watch the game better and thus increase its popularity.


It can be made of any material. Provided that it is solid and flat and smooth. And when throwing the ball from a height of 30 cm it should give a bounce of 23 cm.The measurements for the table should be 2,74 meters long, 1,52 meters wide and 0,76 meters high.

Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

The top should also be painted with a darker, matte color. So that not too much light is reflected and it is easy to identify the position of the ball.

The rows should be white. Covering the loops and dividing the area into 2, using its width as a reference, separating the service sides in pairs with a line of 3 mm.


Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

Net must be a network interlaced for table tennis tables. Whose height should be 15,25 centimeters and the distance from the table on each side. Should always be exposed to Tabletop under the net

Object of the Game

As of 2001 the objective of the game is to score your opponent by 11 points. Either hitting the ball into the net, hitting it off the table or making it disappear altogether.

Table Tennis Rules - History & Information

Matches are generally chosen as the best out of five, seven or nine games. That is to mention, the first person to reach 11 points in three, four or five games respectively.


A match is played with a best 3 of 5 matches (or 4/7 or 5/9). For each game, the primary player to achieve eleven points wins that game. Anyway a game must be won by an edge of at any rate two.

A point is made after each ball is put into play. The sides of the table are part of the legal table surface, but not the sides

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