Tennis Rules – History & Information


Tennis Rules – History & Information

Tennis Rules – History & Information, original name lawn tennis, game in which two opposing players (singles) or pairs of players (doubles) use tautly strung rackets to hit .

Points are awarded to a player or team whenever the opponent fails to properly come back the ball among the prescribed dimensions of the court.

Organized court game|court game} is compete in line with rules sanctioned by the international tennis Federation (ITF), the planet brass of the game

Tennis Rules - History & Information

History of Tennis

The modern court game game is related to European country, and really, it was this country that began to elevate this sport to new audiences and make it as popular as it is these days.

Being proof of this the tournament of suburb, which is the oldest Tournament of the world, taking place in London from 1877.

Tennis Rules – History & Information

Tennis is presently Associate in Nursing Olympic sport, since 1988 in capital of South Korea, but this sport had already been an Olympic modality previously and still for several years but was eventually removed, because there were still no rules thus mounted and comprehensive on all sides.

The International Federation of court game Rules solved this case in 1924, and this was one in all the explanations for the game to start out to evolve a lot of and also the emergence of more and more clubs.

Tennis courts

The court game is compete in an exceedingly rectangular field; the 2 measures vary if compete severally or in pairs, therefore creating it wider.

The court has twenty three,77 meters long and in breadth has eight,23 meters for singulares and about 10,97 meters for doubles. Around the court, it conjointly takes some further area for players to achieve the balls.

The field is divided in two by a network, which at the ends measures about 1,07 meters and in the center measures 91,4 centimeters.

This zone is a reference for wherever the ball has got to bounce within the service of the opponent player.

Tennis Rules - History & Information


Definitely the kind of court with a quicker game, being that offers little friction and so the ball travels faster.

It may also have small irregularities because of the grass cut that although small. May make some difference in the direction of the ball.

The Wimbledon tournament is played on grass/lawn.

Hard court

Hard court, or hard floor, is already faster than the previous. Trenches just like the Australian Open or the U.S. Open ar compete on this kind of ground


Carpet courts are removable tennis court surfaces. These are often made of any of many materials, from artificial turf to hard rubber. In general, carpeted courts create a quick game.



The racket must be of a flat surface, formed with horizontal and vertical ropes crossing.

The racket should not contain anything that changes the player’s performance such as something that changes the racket’s weight distribution.


It is typically yellow, with a regular outer surface, and there are often no visible seams.


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